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What is Headliner?

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Headliner Essentials

So, what exactly is a headliner? In the realm of vehicle interiors, it's the stylish material present on the ceiling, providing more than just aesthetic appeal. Beyond covering bare metal with color-coordinated soft fabric, headliners offer crucial functions. They act as insulation against heat and noise, while also sometimes concealing wirings and hardware for various electrical components, antennas, and other accessories. Typically, a headliner comprises multiple layers, often including polyurethane foam sprayed or glued onto a headliner board that attaches to the roof's interior. This construction not only adds a soft touch but also enhances insulation, making your ride quieter and more comfortable.


Liberty, Performance, & Suede

Now, let's talk options! Albright's Supply proudly offers a range of automotive headliner materials to suit every taste and requirement.

  • Liberty Automotive Headliner: Crafted by AFF Group, Liberty headliner boasts a width of 58" and a 3/16" foam backing. With an extensive palette featuring 39 classic Brushed Tricot style colors and 30 Flat Knit style colors, Liberty provides a timeless elegance for your vehicle's interior. Need something wider? Liberty also features 6 varieties in a 67" width!
  • Performance Automotive Headliner: From Spradling comes the Performance headliner, spanning 60" in width with a 3/16" foam backing. Offering 26 classic Brushed Tricot style colors and 16 modern Flat Knit style colors, Performance combines style with functionality for a sleek finish.
  • Synergy II Suede Headliner: Synergy II Suede Headliner offers a touch of luxury to your vehicle’s interior. Featuring a 1/8" foam backing and a polyester faux-suede facing, this headliner is available in 14 exquisite colors, elevating your car's interior to new heights of elegance.



Bow Style Headliners

Bow Style Headliners are featured in older cars, typically from the 1960s and earlier. These vintage-style headliners hang from bows running across the car via looped pockets or listings and are typically made from a lightweight vinyl material.

bow headliner from isp west

Bow Headliner (Photo Credits: ISP West Parts & Restoration)

Vinyl Headliner Material

Thin, lightweight, and designed specifically for crafting bow style headliners, our vinyl headliner material comes in six distinct patterns, including Premier Perf (also known as "Snake Bites"), Crater, and Tier. Available in classic Black and White, our vinyl headliner materials cater to all your restoration needs.

Whether you're restoring a classic beauty or customizing a modern ride, Albright's Supply offers a diverse range of headliner materials to suit your preferences.

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