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Dwight & Latanya Jemison of DJ's All in One Upholstery (Clarksville, TN)


What does being an upholsterer mean to you? 

Being an upholsterer gives me the opportunity to bring a client’s vision into reality, to build lasting relationships, and create new ones.  

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How did you get started in upholstery?

We got started in the upholstery business when my husband (Dwight Jemison) met a displaced man named Pat. Pat had a skill and passion for upholstery but no equipment,  no home, and no business.  Just weeks after meeting Pat, a very well-known upholsterer named Gunther passed away. Dwight was passing by and noticed his family tossing all his vinyl into a dumpster and clearing the building.  So Dwight stopped in and told them he wanted the vinyl & equipment as well as to lease the building.  They agreed. He found Pat and brought him into the business.  Pat began living in a camper on the premises and doing upholstery again. Pat now has his own home.

This sparked a passion in us to use this business as an opportunity for the displaced community to seek refuge, assistance,  employment,  or just a shower & meal if they’re passing through. We are a safe space.

I, myself (Latanya Jemison), grew up watching my father upholster vehicles and the like and have been learning upholstery since I was child.

What types of upholstery do you do?

We do automotive, restaurant, lounge, custom glam, as well as boat interiors.  

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How long have you been upholstering?

We have been upholstering for 6 years now.

What is your biggest consumer demand?

Our biggest consumer demand is the restoration of old automotive seating, carpet, & headliner.

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What is your favorite upholstery project you've done?

My favorite upholstery projects are boats.

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What is the strangest item you've found in a restoration?

We really haven’t run into strange items, but we have run into strange situations.  A young man was living in his car not because he couldn’t afford a home but because he refused to pay for a home. He got his whole car interior redone while living in and out of it.

Have you noticed any up and coming trends?

Yes - galaxy headliners. The ones you add the fiber optics to the headliners.

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What changes would benefit the upholstery industry?

The industry is perfect the way it is except  it’s a dying skill. Young people need to be taught the trade.

Have you ever been featured on television, online, or in another publication?


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Do you have a shop animal?

We have an American Bully named Blue who comes to work with us often.

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