Inspection Policy & Procedures

Damaged Packages
Upon delivery of your order, immediately inspect your package for damage. If the outer packaging is damaged in any way, please take photos before opening the package.

After taking photos, you may open the package to inspect the order. If the order was damaged, please submit the photos of the packaging as well as photos of the damaged products to us via email or text message and give us a call to let us know what happened so we can replace any goods that may need replacing.

Non-Damaged Packages
If your package was not damaged, please proceed with opening your package and inspecting your order.
1. Ensure that you received your entire order.
2. Inspect all goods to ensure you received the correct amount, color, and that nothing is flawed or damaged.

If something is missing from your package, please call us so we can send out the missing products if necessary.

If something is damaged, please take photos and submit them via text message or email with your order details and a description of damage.

If you received an incorrect material or color, please take photos of the material next to the sample you were using to order with and submit them via text message or email. We will inspect our inventory here and provide solutions where necessary. Please note, if you were not using a physical sample to order by and were instead matching off of the pictures on the website, this may cause color discrepancies. We highly recommend ordering samples before purchasing your materials.

Compressed or Folded Goods
Due to the nature of our shipping policy, it is necessary to vacuum, compress, or fold certain materials to offer you the best deal on shipping. These items must be opened and unfolded immediately upon delivery in order for the product to return to a usable state.

All sew foam, cotton, and cushion wrap must be opened and allowed 24 hours to fully decompress.

All polyfoam must be unrolled immediately and allowed 24 hours to fully decompress.

All carpets and flooring must be unrolled and unfolded immediately to prevent damages and irreversible wrinkling.


Contact Information

Phone: 662.287.1451
Text: 662.872.9334

Hours of Operation: Monday - Friday 8:00 AM (CST) - 5:00 PM (CST)